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Look Through the Reality

Pretender There are many people who are hard wired by the society to see the events and things the way others show them. While there are many others who see the things the way they are. I am giving you the example you go to an even suppose speech address of a political leader you see that a person comes up on the stage waiving his hands looking into the crowd as if he owns the body and mind of each and every person in the crowd. The security arrangement is also tight having really strong well built bouncers. Read more […] Continue reading →

Expectation – Key To Failure and Frustration

Expectations Expectation always gives assurance of stability in life but this stability often puts us in the precarious position of dangers of failure and disappointment. Why we human beings are so much imprinted by the culture to expect when the events of the history have shown once and for all that life never goes on expected lines. Losing expectation is like losing optimism but it doesn’t mean that if you loose your optimism then you will become pessimistic. Pessimism is also a form of expectation which Read more […] Continue reading →

SMART Running Best Exercise For Students

Become a Runner Running is the best activity for students and this is the activity which should be followed by all the schools and institutions. The problem with running is that most of the institutions believe that people are born good runners and often end up encouraging skinny and skeleton like guys in the activity because there initial performance is lot better than the performance of the youngsters who are not habituated of running and who have little exposure to games which involve real rigorous running. Even Read more […] Continue reading →

Yoga Education – Do We Really Need It

Yoga Postures Yoga has become a government venture in India. The government is planning  to introduce Yoga as one of the optional subjects for the university degree and most likely very soon we will see yoga professors getting appointed at the regular pay scale in our reputed universities. This is very likely to be true for reputed central universities. This would be a great opportunity for people who take Yoga seriously as symbol of patriotism. Don’t get amazed if we find bulky and overweight Yoga professors Read more […] Continue reading →

Ultimate Career Opportunity

Big Life Goal What is the ultimate career opportunity that a person can get in life- is it government service or private service. Some of you might like the consistency of government service or some might prefer performance related progress of the private service. There might be few daring who might talk about the virtues of becoming a businessman and show off their managing skills. However, in my opinion there is one big opportunity for everyone that no one cares about, the biggest career opportunity that we Read more […] Continue reading →

Yoga For Students – Exaggeration At Best

 For last few months there has been too much hue and cry over the virtues of yoga. So much so that the government seems to be hell bent on intoducing yoga in school and college curriculum and that too as compulsory activity. Before getting deep into the virtues of Yoga one must keep in mind that most of the postures and breathing technique often propagated as integral part of Yoga is already present in almost all the forms of exercise activities. If you look at the practices of Hatha Yoga it is nothing Read more […] Continue reading →

Top Politician – The Secret (Short Story)

 Doctor Rajesh was treating a top politician who was holding a important post in the union cabinet. While interacting with the politician regarding his health he felt that the politician was finding it tough to talk in natural tone and always repeated statements which had become catchphrase of his boring speeches. Dr. Rajesh was not able to understand that what could be the possible reason that the minister was often talking about the development in the medical field done by his government in the Read more […] Continue reading →

Don’t Be Critical of Criticism- Just Smile

criticism If you are man of action involved in some kind of pursuit then very likely you are going to face criticism. I am not saying that the criticism of your pursuit is wrong what I am talking about is handling the criticism. You should be conscious of the criticism but it doesn’t mean that you should start acting against your plans just to satisfy the person who is expressing negative views on you. If someone is suggesting alternative action with the same goal even then don’t take that person seriously. Read more […] Continue reading →